The mandate of the Chair Monseigneur-de-Laval is to strengthen and to develop teaching and research activities in the field of Catholic Theology, by favouring the teaching of the theological disciplines required for the training of the candidates for the priesthood, including philosophy and preparatory courses to theological studies at Université Laval.

The Chair is linked to the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies of Université Laval. It is addressed to future priests as well as to lay students who prepare for ministries held in the Church, or who wish to complete their training or retrain with this aim in mind.

The holder and the Steering Committee of the Chair set up specific objectives, whether they are annual or for a given mandate.

Since 2006, the Chair has contributed to the development of the philosophical training within the setting of the preparatory year to the theological studies at the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies of Université Laval; thus a complete certificate in philosophy is offered to the students registered in the Faculty, jointly with the Faculty of Philosophy of Université Laval. The Chair also has made possible one term of consciousness-raising to the religious heritage so as to integrate this rich heritage into current pastoral practices. And finally, the Chair contributes to the renewal and to the Continuing Education of the candidates for priesthood, in addition to ensuring an updated training for these candidates.